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On Friday September 8, 2023, Morocco suffered one of the worst natural disasters in its history. An earthquake measuring 7.3 on Richter scale affected several regions of the country and more violently the mountainous regions of El Haouz. The epicenter of the earthquake is located 70 km south of Marrakech in Amizmiz region, populated by villages and douars mainly built in traditional way (Mud and straw).

The area housed the Tinmel Mosque, a majestic 12th century building, the nerve center of the Almohad dynasty, which was currently being renovated. This monument has collapsed and is today on the ground.

Before earthquake

After earthquake

Among these villages, Talat N’Yaacoub, housed the Tinmel high school which gave the opportunity to 1,200 young people from neighboring villages (Ighir, Ighil, Ijoukak, Aghbar, etc.) to follow qualifying courses allowing them to acquire education and apprenticeship ensuring them a professional future.

This high school is today out of use and the 1,200 students (boys and girls) have been relocated to several locations in Marrakech and its surroundings. Their parents remained there, temporarily housed in light structures while waiting for their homes to be rebuilt.

Tinmel School after the earthquake

Among the 1,200 students, around 400 boys, aged 12 to 18, were installed in the premises of Sid Zouine school for traditional education, located 45 minutes from Marrakech, not far from Loudaya (Essaouira road). An establishment with premises large enough to accommodate this population of young Moroccans for a transitional period (estimated at 2 years before their families houses and their school can welcome them again.)

Without wanting to replace the gigantic work carried out by the government, local authorities and fully dedicated associations since the earthquake of September 8, Butterfly Motorcycle Tours has decided to launch a private initiative aimed at responding to the urgent needs expressed by students, teachers, educators and school administration.

The objective of this “Tinmel Revival” initiative is to contribute to ensuring that students can benefit from normal and fulfilling living conditions within the school knowing that they will live there for months, far from their families. and their environment.

Present Situation

Two and a half months after the earthquake, the basic needs of these students are provided by national education, administration and public services (accommodation, bed, meals and teaching).

However, the structure of the school and its facilities are not designed to accommodate nearly 400 adolescents aged 12 to 18. Hence, there is a huge lack of things to make their daily lives acceptable and fulfilling, this lack concerns both clothing, medical needs (eyeglasses, hearing aids and wheelchairs for students with disabilities), toiletries, as well as the layout and equipment of recreational, sporting and cultural spaces, …

As winter approaches, some needs and requirements are extremely urgent: – Winter clothes (down jacket, hat, gloves, fleeces, underwear, socks)- Blankets (Dozens missing)- Mattresses (missing or to be replaced) (+ pillows)- Absence of hot water in the showers (defective solar water heaters)


  • No space dedicated to sports or sports equipment
  • No shoes or tracksuits for sports
  • No internet connection
  • No recreational or cultural activities
  • No TV

We are currently working on a detailed inventory of needs, including the establishment of a computer file of all students (previously monitored manually).

While waiting to define these needs and the funds necessary to meet them, a first joint action between Butterfly and Motoquest (American partner from Alaska) was carried out during which we installed a large screen television in a multipurpose room of the establishment. A huge thank you to Phil, Rod, Spud, Captain, Steve, Matt, Josh, Chief, John, Clay, Olivier and Louis. You have allowed all these students to open a window on the world, and to be able to regularly escape from their monotonous daily life.

The objective of the initiative (Tinmel Revival) is to multiply small-scale actions which, taken together, will allow these 400 teenagers to carry out normal schooling during these 2 transitional years with a minimum of living comfort and personal development (cultural, sporting, intellectual, etc.).

The next newsletter will cover: – Quantified data of needs (Quantity and budget)- Actions to take and donations to collect as a priority- A medium-term action plan for Tinmel School.

In the meantime, if you would like to participate in this initiative (donations in kind or money) please send us an email to the following address: contact@butterflymotorcycletours.com We will send you an email individually explaining the procedure to follow and the means implemented so that you can monitor the actions carried out and rigorously trace the funds and their use for the benefit of the students.

This initiative is a drop of water in an ocean of needs, but few drops can make rivers, can’t they? Thank you all and stay tuned until our next newsletter.

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