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Butterfly Motorcycle Tours

20 Years of Passion, expertise, and the birth of Butterfly Motorcycle Tours

With 20 years’ experience in motorbike tours, Réda is a Morocco and motorcycle passionate. Sharing his 2 passions led him to found Butterfly Motorcycle Tours (formerly Palm Road). With over a hundred tours under his belt and more than 200,000 km covered on motorbikes in Morocco and abroad, he puts his experience and network at the service of his guests. And if you ask him what sets Butterfly Tours apart from ither tours, his answer is crystal clear: “try it and you’ll see !”

Réda Jabri Founder, Manager and Tour Guide

Butterfly Motorcycle Tours

Accompanying mechanic

Abdel (Abdelhak) has accompanied dozens of our tours and puts quality of service at the heart of his concerns. Fast, efficient and extremely competent, he is a great asset to the group. His assistance during tours is invaluable.

Assistant/ accompanier

Abdou (real name Abdelouafi) is an essential link on the tours. He takes great care of the guests and is a great help to Abdel, whether it's in the daily preparation of the bikes before the start of each day, or in the logistics of the tour. He also takes care of the day-to-day maintenance and Bike washing and cleaning.

In charge of maintenance and green spaces

Mohammed (MOMO) takes great care of customers from the moment they arrive at the Butterfly base. On a daily basis, he looks after the upkeep of the base and the green spaces in particular. He has been with Réda for over 15 years.
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