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Riding with purpose: Butterfly Motorcycle Tours' commitment to community well-being in southern morocco

Butterfly Motorcycle Tours includes a social dimension in all its tours. Rural populations, and children in particular, suffer from a number of shortcomings (infrastructure, monitoring, equipment, etc.) despite the ongoing efforts of the government and dedicated associations. Contributing, at our humble level, to the well-being of some communities in different regions of southern Morocco is a just return, as these populations often live in extraordinary environments that we, motorbike travel enthusiasts and lovers of exotic landscapes, cross on all our trips, often without taking the time to linger.
Butterfly Motorcycle tours in Morocco - Joining the Moroccan adventure.

This social dimension is reflected in

  • Support for educational, health and environmental projects in several regions,
  • Special support for people affected by the earthquake on September, 8th 2023 in El Haouz and Taroudant regions,
  • The creation of local partnerships with local organizations and associations to facilitate communication and exchanges with the local population.

The aim of Butterfly Motorcycle Tours is to promote cultural exchange between our guests and the local populations they visit, whenever an itinerary allows, in order to gain a better understanding of the local reality in Morocco and thus contribute in our own way to improving the living conditions of the inhabitants, and to enjoy a tourist experience that is both magical and eco-responsible.

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