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If you like our itineraries but prefer to ride on your own or with a small group of friends, if you like to discover a country at your own pace, without a guide or assistance but with the security of a mapped-out route and accommodation already booked, this option is for you. Butterfly Motorcycle Tours will be delighted to put together a tour to suit your dates. This package is valid for 1 to 4 motorbikes maximum.

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Dedicated to riders wishing to discover Morocco

A fleet of fully equipped GS (750, 850 and 1250) at your disposal, a local Tour Guide with over 20 years’ experience, and a whole team at your service. What more could you want to make your Moroccan adventure a reality?


The BMW F850GS stands out for its agility and versatility on all terrains thanks to its 853cc parallel-twin engine. Equipped with advanced electronics, it offers customisable riding modes, dynamic traction control and intelligent ABS for a riding experience tailored to every situation. Its ergonomic design and off-road capabilities make it an ideal bike for adventurers looking to explore a variety of horizons.

BMW R1250 GS

The BMW R1250GS embodies the ultimate in versatility with its legendary 1254cc Boxer engine, offering smooth power delivery and efficient torque management. Equiped with the ShiftCam system, it guarantees optimum performance at all engine speeds. Its robust chassis, combined with advanced technologies such as ABS Pro and ASC, ensures agile and safe riding on all terrains, making the R1250GS a benchmark in the world of trail bikes.


The BMW F750GS combines performance and accessibility with its 853cc twin-cylinder engine, offering balanced power and exceptional handling. It's the ideal companion for discovering Morocco if you want to ride light.

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